Real Results


5th Grade ELA - Reading Comprehension

Michelle tutored my 5th grader in Reading Comprehension over the course of 8 sessions.  She was testing 2 grade levels behind and is now at grade level. - Alison

6th Grade ELA - Reading Comprehension

Michelle also tutored my 6th grader with his reading comprehension.  We are excited to say he is also at grade level and enjoys reading again!  - Alison

9th Grade Math

My son is on an IEP and used to get frustrated with his math.  He is taking Basic Math and was just starting 6th grade going into his freshman year of HS.  He is now almost done with the 7th grade level and enjoys the weekly online sessions.  - Kristin

5th Grade ELA

Michelle has used the Explode the Code phonics program with my 5th grader, who is dyslexic.  He is progressing and while it is still slow progress, he is making progress, which is more than he was doing before.  - Kristin

9th Grade Math - Algebra

Going into HS, we thought my son would be in pre-Algebra.  Michelle tutored him all of 8th grade and has continued through 9th.  He started 9th in Algebra (not pre!), and is carrying an A!  - Cori

Translation Services

Laura provided excellent translation services which assisted me with a very important research project I was completing with inner city youth.  She provided a very prompt turnaround which saved us valuable time and was instrumental in completing our assessments within a timely manner.  Thank you for the wonderful support, Meadowbrooks Tutoring Academy - Dr. Milton